North Santa Rosa Physical Therapy

Experience your optimal performance…

At North Santa Rosa Physical Therapy (NSRPT) we are a team of experienced, dedicated and caring professionals who share a common commitment…helping people with a vast array of musculoskeletal problems achieve optimal physical performance, applying the very best methods available in the advancing world of physical therapy.  Since 1987, we have considered it a privilege and honor to serve the physical therapy needs of our Greater Santa Rosa Community.

When it comes to rehabilitating from injury, we realize you have choices to make…choices which can significantly impact the quality and speed of your recovery leading to optimal performance, and impact your overall well being, which is why we have dedicated our practice to serving your needs with excellence.  Our staff wants most for you to positively and directly experience our commitment to you…on the path to greater freedom, ease and performance in your physical body.



We would like to welcome: Jordan Meyer PTA, Lisa Bell PT, and Julie Smith PT/Feldenkrais Practitioner to our staff. Jordan and Lisa have been with us since the summer of 2016. Julie will be starting late March. Their bio's are available to read in 'the crew' section.


OUTCOMES AWARD.  Our office has received recognition for excellent treatment outcomes for the fall quarter 2016.  We participate in the nationwide Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes project (FOTO).  Check out the FOTO website at, and thank you to our staff for an excellent job!